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About Nicholas

Though Nicholas, the founder of the Networked News Lab, may regret some of the youthful mischief that first earned him the label of “instigator,” he now embraces the designation as a guiding principle for his research.
Nicholas has long believed that research should be a democratic, dialogic endeavour that unsettles the way we think and the way we work, that prods us to revaluate what we take for granted, whether we are researchers or practitioners. This perspective underlies the Network News Lab’s approach to bringing media research and media practice into creative collaboration.
Nicholas has also been on both sides of the divide. He was a foreign correspondent and later a Bureau Chief in Latin America for Bloomberg News and a freelancer in Ethiopia. He has contributed to social science research at various think-tanks and universities, including the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology and the Institute of Development Studies. He holds an Mphil in International Development Studies and is now completing his PhD in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
“The same things I love about journalism, I love about research,” he said. “You know, I love hearing people’s stories, I love talking with them, I love learning about something entirely new, but I prefer the luxury that research gives me to develop and grow those relationships.”
Indeed, he hopes that the Networked News Lab will remain a forum for building long-lasting relationships that offer insights and discoveries to all who participate.

Nicholas's Articles

Kenyan Elections and the Media: Complex Illusions
12 March 2013

This is a post Nicholas submitted to the POLIS Media blog at the LSE. He has since carried out in-depth research into the decisions made by journalists and editors during the election period and will post more on this topic in the future.

The essential social media for Kenyan journalists
21 January 2013

Which blogs and Twitter streams are most critical for Kenyan journalists. The Networked News Lab did some early work to curate the essential social media as it began its work, and we hope others can benefit from this.