Bertha Kang'ong'oi



About Bertha

Bertha Kang’ong’oi was a wordsmith from a tender age. It is no surprise then that she later proved to be a talented feature writer. “For as long as I can remember I always wanted to write. I didn’t think of myself doing anything else.”

Her loyalty all these years has remained to the story, which makes Bertha an independent voice in Kenyan journalism.

After graduating from the East African School of Journalism, her flair for the written word earned her a position at the Daily Nation. Yearning for more freedom, Bertha tried her hand at freelancing before finding her way back to the mainstream media with the Star Newspaper. In time, she struck out on her own again.

Bertha chooses to work as a freelancer so that she can pursue her own editorial agenda. A one-woman team, she now works in print, radio and video for national and international outlets.

“I seek social justice, she said at a recent gathering of the Networked News Lab. “I have seen the kind of power and influence that features can have on people’s lives and on policy makers.”

Bertha joins the Networked News Lab because she also wants to explore the power in new forms of storytelling: in multi-media and participatory forms. Still, for her, the technology will never be a substitute for a good storyteller.

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