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Laura Walubengo’s voice: many Nairobians grew up listening to it read the news on Capital FM, and music artists across the continent will have heard it asking them personal questions about their work and their lives.
With time, Laura has thought more and more about her voice. The work of a radio journalist makes you question whether your voice is something you sell, a persona you create – whether it is yours at all.
Laura was once an aspiring actor, attending a screen test for a one time TV show when she was just 19. She did a take in English, but managed to make the producers cringe with her sheng version of the script.
She didn’t get the job, but the producer of the show liked her voice, and by chance his brother, the news editor then at Capital FM, was looking for a female newscaster.
A good voice alone wasn’t enough, they reckoned, so they put her in the field for a few months before making her the news reader that Capital FM listeners would come to know for 12.5 years.
“I discovered over the years that I liked to write. And I specifically like human interest stories, you know – sad stories. But I hated politics, I just hated the insincerity. I found that I couldn’t keep up and I was unwilling to learn the game and cling on.”
When Capital FM launched a website dedicated to music and lifestyle, she asked to lead it, and discovered a knack for turning artists into real people.
In 2014, DStv poached Laura to make a push as an on-line content manager on entertainment.
Now that Laura’s voice no longer connects her to her audience, she says she is looking for ways to make more of a personal connection, to find ways to give more of herself. Laura has been a sometimes contributor to the Networked News Lab since the beginning, but now that she has joined as full network member in January 2015, we are all listening with great anticipation.

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