Nzau Musau



About Nzau

Nzau Musau is a political animal. Always has been.
Born and raised in Machakos, he sat with his father each day to read the Nation’s coverage of the struggle for liberation and multiparty-ism.
“I was very keen to participate in that process of informing people. I got inspired by the things I was reading in the newspapers; and I chose this road.”
His passion for political reporting drove him to complete a BA in political science and a diploma in Journalism & Public Relations at the Technical University of Kenya formerly the Kenya Polytechnic.
Today, Nzau Musau is a Senior Political Reporter at the Standard on Sunday. He previously worked as a reporter and Mombasa bureau chief for the Kenya Times, and as a reporter at the Star, where he earned his reputation as one of Nairobi’s leading political correspondents.
Over these years, Nzau Musau has found one aspect of his job especially frustrating: news in Kenya is often captured by the political machinery, and fails to present the independent voice that he heard years ago in the pages of the Nation.
Nzau Musau is participating in the Networked News Lab so that he might explore new ways to draw back the curtain to reveal to the public a behind-the-scenes perspective on political theatre.
“I find myself gaining some power. Over the years I’ve seen myself gaining some ground to do what I’m talking about, bringing out what the situation is.”
Nzau Musau is married with two children.