The Networked News Lab held a unique dialogue amongst a small group of activists and journalists at Pawa254 to look at the media coverage of two protest movements: the Unga Revolution and Occupy Parliament.

The Unga Revolution emerged in response to the price spike of 2011, and returned again in 2013 as Kenyan parliament considered adding a Value-Added Tax on food and other staples. Occupy Parliament is the name given to a series of protests against the attempt by MPs to raise their salaries.

There were no panellists, no presenters, but about 15 activists and journalists attended – all of whom had been involved in either the organizing or coverage of those events.

For the activists, it was an opportunity to reflect on their strategies, and for the journalists, to reflect on their own professional practice.

Like the Linda Nchi event before it, the gathering is expected to be a start for a series of activities related to media and protest in Kenya.